Holistic Health and Wellness Services

Sarah Shear is a certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She’s currently taking clients, and would love to guide you through your health and wellness journey! Her coaching style can be summed up by her three favorite E’s.

  • Empowering: Learn how to make the choices that make you feel like a star.
  • Exploratory: Ask questions, make discoveries, play!
  • Enthusiastic: If you’re not absolutely loving it, you’re not doing it right.

Basic Coaching Rates:

Initial Consultation: The first 50 minute Health History Consultation

Create Your Own Path:  50 Minute Sessions scheduled at your leisure

6 Month Journey: Commit to one session every other week for 6 months

Mini Services

Pantry Project (For NYC clients only): Sarah will work with you to go through your kitchen and talk about what you might consider adding to your pantry to encourage balanced eating habits.

Shopping Buddy (For NYC clients only): Sarah will join you on a shopping trip to your grocery store of choice, and help you navigate the mumbo jumbo on nutritional labels- and how to decipher the difference between “health food” and actual healthy eating options that align with your goals.

Office Makeover (For NYC clients only): Sarah will come into your office for a night of nutrition and fun! Want to learn how to make your work place a heart happy utopia? Sarah’s got that covered. The possibilities are endless!

Chit Chats: Need a between session catch up? Having a burning specific question you need an in depth answer to? Want to dip your toes into the health coaching experience? Then a mini session might be for you!

Kindly email Sarah at shearhappinessnet@gmail.com to get a quote for your unique coaching experience!

You’re on your way to a life of Less Stress, and More Happiness.